SOP: is STATEMENT OF PURPOSE & not Story of Purpose!!!

Though SOP is based on a person; but should NOT HAVE “PERSONALIZED” REMARKS!


It is expected that a student applicant who intends to go abroad for study purposes is required to submit a statement of purpose(SOP), as it not only plays an important part in securing admissions at colleges/universities but also outlines students’ profile at the visa officer’s desk. 


SOP is usually a presentation that describes the student’s background ranging from educational, familial, professional, financial background and intentions to pursue a given study program and benefits gained out of it. 

In this blog, few-but important  points will be discussed. Get help from VisaBoard’s Statement of Purpose(SOP) Consultants for SOP’s on time.  


1)  Explain why candidate has choosen this particular university & country

One of the more important points in the university SOP is a detailed explanation to choose a particular university and the country. Highlighting the merits of the university along with attributes of the academic system of the given country and how it would contribute to the applicant in future. The admission officials get a gist of the views and reviews stated that include the motive and readiness to study abroad.

2)  Why this course? Elaborate the candidate’s interest in the selected course?

It is advisable to demonstrate interest as to why the candidate is pursuing a particular course. How would the given study program enhance knowledge and brighten chances to take employment in future. 

3)  Mention academic and professional achievements

One of the MOST important points one should add in SOP is detailed information of the student’s academic and professional achievements. This will exemplify the caliber and aptitude toward the academic facet.

4)  Details financial background

Studying in foreign country requires a large amount of funds; it is therefore advisable to provide information about the applicant’s financial soundness to meet the tuition + living & accommodation & (medical) expenses. 

The source of personal/familial income-occupation of the funder and reserved funds is usually stated. 

If the applicant has opted for an “education loan”-details of the sanction/disbursement of loan and the “guarantor” needs to be stated.  

5)  Plan to return to the home country

One needs to mention clear plans to return to his/her homeland once the respective education is completed. While this point varies from an applicant to an individual; the information has to be described and stated giving credible reasons. 

6)  Describe future goals

The admission panel would want to know about the applicant’s career path and how he/she is going to use his/her knowledge after investing time & money in a foreign land.


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